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How Does VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefit Businesses and Call Centers?


Learn about VICIDial: call center solution and vTiger: CRM solution. Also, learn about the benefits of integrating both of these solutions.

What is VICIDial?

It is a very popular call center software used for running calling campaigns, both inbound and outbound. It serves as a predictive dialer system allowing companies to drive their business forward.

What is vTiger?

It is a famous customer relationship management (CRM) solution used by call centers along with VICIDial or any other call center solution to manage leads effectively. It is also used for sending emails, texts, quotations, and invoices to customers.

Both VICIDial and vTiger are used by many businesses, from startups to large enterprises across the world. The main reason behind their popularity amongst BPOs and call centers is that both are open source in nature.

Generally, the call center agents have to switch between these two software solutions to access the required information and to handle calls more efficiently. This reduces the productivity of the agents and is time consuming as well. With VICIDial vTiger Integration, both of these solutions can be merged into one complete call center suite.

Here are the key benefits of VICIDial vTiger Integration

  • Seamless business operations

The VICIDial vTiger Integration makes business operations smooth and easy as all the necessary features are on a single system. The agents can access lead information stored in the vTiger solution directly on the VICIDial window.

  • Real-time data update

Since the VICIDial vTiger Integration enables synchronization of two different systems, any update or edit made in VICIDial will automatically be reflected in the vTiger CRM system. Hence, both systems will have real time data at all times.

  • Increased number of calls

The click the call function can also be added within the vTiger CRM system. It allows the agents to place a call with just a mere click of a button, without actually dialing the number. Thus, the agents can make more calls in a day with this feature in comparison to the traditional manual dialing. After placing the call, the agents can see a call widget on their vTiger screen using which they can perform the necessary actions such as transferring the call to another agent or supervisor, keeping the call on hold and so on. All of these actions are possible with VICIDial vTiger Integration.

  • Increased productivity of agents

The VICIDial vTiger Integration allows agents to use one single screen to access two systems. They no longer have to toggle operations between two separate screens. Also, the agents get all the customer information during the call itself. The integration of both tools into a single system will help to increase agent productivity multifold times.

  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency

Many times, agents do not have all the customer information that they want. This is because they take a lot of time to look up for the information that they need. With VICIDial vTiger Integration, they will have all the information at their fingertips without the need to switch systems.

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  • Boost in business

The VICIDial vTiger Integration empowers enterprises with better call handling, enhanced productivity and accuracy, improved KPIs and many other benefits. All these lead to an increase in sales and business.

The VICIDial vTiger Integration can become a more powerful solution for businesses. It empowers operations to be quick, efficient, accurate and streamlined.

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