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Tips To Pass CCIE Security Exam


The certificate of Cisco CCIE Security refers to the higher-level of security certified pros. They own the capability, abilities, and understanding to make planning, designing, implementation, and troubleshooting critical kinds of Cisco security solutions and techs by making use of innovative strategies. However, they also use the most recent company based practices to make the network of industry safe from a high level of security-related risks along with other types of security threats.

On the other side, the CCIE Security certification is considered as the topmost renowned InfoSec certificate all over the globe that turn out a person in a progressive level competent Security Engineer. 

Tips to Pass CCIE Security Exams

It is to be said that earning CCIE Certificates are quite difficult; therefore, we have come up with a detailed guideline which assists you to clear the CCIE Certification in the very 1st attempt. On the other side, anything would not beat patience, hard work, and management of time, though this guideline would offer you a direction as well as assist you in passing your CCIE exam. Following are the tips as a way to get accomplishment in your CCIE examination.

Learn From the Experienced Trainer

It’s like the cherry on top if you get your training from those individuals who have previously done with the CCIE. As they already know the knowledge to give a CCIE exam because they are previously given it on their own; they know dos and don’ts and are familiar with the environment too. They would share their own experience along with the tips and strategies on account to pass the exam in the most initial attempt. They would make you capable enough so that they would come to know what is significant for them and what’s not; what are the most important topics on which you are required to study more. It is recommended to get training only from the Cisco certified C-C-I-E trainers. Furthermore, they already provide training and assisted numerous aspirants similar to you as a way to pass this CCIE exam of CCIE.

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Demanding Lab Training

You have to do demanding lab training as soon as you sit in the CCIE exam. The lab practicing is the thing that would make you capable of understanding the basics so that you can learn them easily. A minimum of five to six hours of lab practice on a daily basis along with relevant training is required to pass the examination. You have to perform a minimum of five hundred hours of lab training every day to pass the CCIE Lab Exam. If a person is clear in their entire concept then they should follow or apply them; and if a person perfectly executed them – then do it once more.

Stay Up-to-date with Recent Information

It’s essential to make yourself upgraded while you’re getting yourself prepared for the CCIE Certificates. CCIE examination version modified over time along with its entire topics and models. So in that case, you have to make aware of which kind of examination you are going to prepare yourself for. For the C-C-I-E Lab Exams, software and lab equipment are required to be similar ones. Once you start practicing in your lab – then ensure that you are practicing on the correct equipment.

Clear Concepts

Networking is a field in which a person would not probably cram things up then enrolls in an exam. And the reason is the whole networking written exam is based on the concepts. The response which a person packed up would be irrelevant even if there’s any minor variation in a question. Moreover, making the answers stuffing up is also not an easy task. The time consumed while learning similar answers is approximately equal to the time which is spent in understanding the particular models.

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Get Hans-on the Modern Topologies

There is a lot of topology in the field of networking that would appear in the exam. However, you should know the most recent and relevant topologies too. Every so often, a similar topology is repeating for some specific period in the exam. Therefore, a person needs to understand every single thing. This aspect would assist you to clear the exam much easier.

Strong Troubleshooting Abilities

In each track of the certificate of CCIE, you are required to pass the CCIE lab and written exam as a way to attain the certificate. If a person wants to pass this exam – then they should own robust skills in troubleshooting. Rather than Security or R&S; Wireless or Collaboration, in each exam, you would be provided with a network, and here you are required to troubleshoot it. 

Don’t rely on a single book

Networking is such a kind of field, going to get the entire knowledge by only a single person or a book is not possible for an individual. For the certification of CCIE, do not depend on a single book. There are a lot of books which are available for you to get prepared for your exam. In the meanwhile, you have to clear your concepts, understand them, implement them, and learn from several books as well. You may require getting knowledge from the Cisco press books, Cisco documents; do your Research and Development, and many more.


The security certificates of CCIE are the most reliable examination, and it is considered a dream for a lot of aspirant applicants on account to clear this certificate to become a part of the “Hall – of – CCIE.” Not any prior training or certificate is demanded of the CCIE Security exam. All you need is to clear the certificate examination – but it would be achieved – only if you have a thorough understanding of the topics of the examination. Cisco Security uses the latest best practices in the environment against today’s security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and security requirements.

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