The Top 7 Benefits of Choosing Century Promise for Your Construction and Renovation Projects

In a market saturated with genuine and counterfeit plywood brands, relying on intuition can be risky. This is especially true when selecting the best-quality plywood for construction and interior decoration. Though they appear similar on the surface, they can vary in terms of authenticity, quality, and specifications. Therefore, amidst thorough inspection and rigorous research, customers are at a greater risk of falling prey to fraudulence by the sellers.

Then, is there a way to invest in quality plywood? Yes, there is! A customer must download the Century Promise app, a one-stop revolutionizing solution and CenturyPly’s trendy initiative to discover plywood’s authenticity. Now, for new users who have yet to access the benefits of this app, scroll down to get enlightened!

The Promise of Genuintiy: Benefits of the Century Promise App

The Century Promise app is a testament to how CenturyPly has walked the extra mile to upgrade its customer satisfaction rate so they don’t get agitated when scammed by other plywood types available in the market. Here are 7 customers can gain access to while using the CenturyPromise App

  1. Scan to Check the Authenticity

Ideally, to find the perfect plywood, one has to research, scrutinize, and purchase rigorously. However, that has become an age-old tradition, and introducing this mobile app can help customers verify the product’s authenticity in one step. Just scan the QR code embedded on the plywood surface. It will display a message, whether it’s genuine or not. Alternatively, one can manually type the printed QR number by selecting the Input QR code option.

  1. Check Product Specifications
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Customers can access every product, including its specifications. Once they have scrutinized the details, they can make a purchase based on their needs and requirements.

  1. Unlimited Free E-Warranty Certificate Downloads

Considering the unnecessary scams that customers have to endure, which can result in poor quality construction and renovation or even poor health due to allergic reactions, this app from CenturyPly has provided an option to download an e-warranty certificate for the products purchased. This can be generated by scanning the QR code, getting an SMS on the registered mobile number, and emailing the provided address. Currently, one can get the certificate via WhatsApp, too!

  1. Getting the Latest Updates for Offers

Customers can surf the internet for the latest offers and discounts to purchase construction and renovation materials, as they are all available in the app. From special deals to promotional offers, registered customers will be automatically notified, saving time and effort.

  1. Check Product Code History

Customers can now check previous product details based on the number of QR codes scanned. The app stores these details for later reference.

  1. Transparent in All the Deals

This app can be a source of trust for dealers, contractors, stakeholders, and customers. For instance, the selling party, the dealer or contractor, can allow customers to scan and verify the product’s authenticity. As a result, they can earn ultimate customer satisfaction. Now, the dealer or contractor can remain silent and let the app talk to prove originality and quality!

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  1. Customer- Friendly Feedback

This particular app from CenturyPly goes beyond the fact to check plywood authenticity. Rather, it values customers’ concerns in the form of feedback. One can share any kind of complaints, reviews, and compliments through the feedback option under the menu. This is an effective way for the company to strive toward betterment.


Now that this blog has discussed all the benefits, it’s time to download the app and push away worries about construction or renovation projects with ‘Raho Befikar, ‘ a CenturyPly promise!

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