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PC Dialer: A Perfect Tool for Companies and Individual Consultants


PC dialer is a SIP softphone of computers and laptops. It can be helpful to almost everyone. This article shares more details about the PC dialer and its benefits for companies and individual consultants.

VoIP technologies have benefited many professionals and companies with innovative solutions. The PC dialer is one of the most useful VoIP solutions available for business. It is fundamentally a SIP Softphone solution which can be used on any computers and laptops. It is software that can be installed on any desktop or laptop. Once installed, it needs to be configured for certain fields. Once done, this will give a completely working Softphone on the computer or laptop to take benefit of the best SIP Softphone.

There are two types of PC dialer solutions available in the market.

  1. Open source PC dialer and
  2. White label PC dialer

The white label PC dialer solution is the one that allows using branding elements of the company that uses it. Thus, there are some charges for the same. On the other hand, the open source PC dialer solution is available for free, but it usually holds the branding elements of the company that has developed the same.

The companies should use the white label PC dialer software to take benefit of branding and added features that are not available in its alternative. On the other hand, consultants can use a free version of it as the branding of the development company will not affect them in any negative way.

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Both companies and independent consultants can take benefit from using this advanced SIP Softphone for computers and laptops. The companies can give it to individual members for internal communication as well as to communicate with customer, vendors, prospects, etc. The PC dialer allows storing contact numbers within it so the employees of the company and the consultant can use the phonebook feature for storing contacts that they need to call occasionally or frequently.

The PC dialer allows receiving calls from any numbers, including, DID numbers, SIP numbers, and traditional telephone numbers. Likewise, the executives and the consultant can call on any numbers. The call cost is cheaper with PC dialer as it uses the SIP protocol to initiate, conduct, and end the call. Even international calls are cheaper with it. This is definitely beneficial to both companies and individual consultants that use this SIP Softphone. They can take care of calling at cheaper rates and save a lot of cost on communication.

As mentioned earlier, the PC dialer solution is installed by the system of the executives. Thus, they can work amazingly well. They do not need to grab their phone multiple times. They also don’t need to get distracted. They can use the same system for communication as they are using to work. This actually eliminates distractions to achieve benefits such as saving the time of the executives to use in the actual tasks and communication. It also helps in increasing productivity and performance.

In conclusion, the PC dialer solution, whether one uses an open source or a white label version, helps in saving time and communication cost. At the same time, it also helps in increasing productivity and performance.

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