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Motospeed V30 Gaming Mouse – Best Cost x Benefit in the world?


Since Motospeed Gaming Mouse has one of the best cost/benefit ratios in the world, it has gained incredible momentum. After all, the amount of branded products that we recommend in the high-end device group is very important, which makes the problem almost similar. At present, moto speed gaming keyboard can be regarded as one of the best mechanical input keyboards on the global market.

One of the group’s key recommendations is the Motospeed V30, a proven quality mouse that can be purchased to international online stores bzfuture for the incredible amount of $38.72.

The Motospeed V30 base is made of plain plastic. The sides that hold the handle are made of a different plastic material, with a texture stamped on the leather and improving the grip of the fingers. The upper case and buttons are made of matt plastic.

The mouse has a universal plug, which means it has a palm, a claw or a finger, either left or right-handed. You can use the mouse without ergonomic problems. The only problem someone might have with the mouse in this regard is that their hand is too big and their grip is heavy. However, it would still be possible to use the V30. The macro buttons are well located so that the fingers of the left hand or right hand are not likely to accidentally click on them. In general, the material of the V30 is good.

The Motospeed gaming mouse is an excellent software to use, it is very easy to use and very intuitive. Everything is well organized. The only problem is that you always have to click on the “Apply” button for any modification made at work, which is quite painful.

In the lighting settings, you can choose between 5 lighting effects, set the color of the mouse LEDs, brightness intensity, effect speed and lighting direction.

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The only problem with the software is the selection of brightness. If you click on it, only values ​​of up to 7 will be displayed. Regardless of what you do, you can only display other values ​​by placing the mouse pointer on the tab and moving it.

In the Advanced and Macro Settings tab, you can edit more specific aspects of the mouse, such as Acceleration and prediction, Travel speed and Double click speed. However, I recommend that you do not change these aspects. Everything is easy in macro settings. Simply name it, click “New” to add it to the list of macros, save it, then click “Confirm” to confirm the creation.

Back to the Basic Settings tab, you can change the functions of each mouse button and simply click on the button to select a macro and click on the Macro button option.

In the macro selection window, you can choose which macros you want to use for the selected button. You can also choose to read the macro each time you press the button. Repeat the operation by pressing the button or try again.

When we open Motospeed V30, we see how impressive this mouse can be. First, we see the quality of the translucent mouse housing, which distributes the illumination of the mouse throughout the body.

The V30 sensor is a Pixart PMW3320, a Pixart input model commonly used on the mouse to obtain good accuracy at an excellent price. This sensor supports up to 3500 dpi with maximum performance. With Motospeed, you can use it with a resolution of up to 7,000 dpi, which is only possible with interpolation.

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To ensure that the sensor LED lighting does not affect the mouse lighting, a black elastic band is placed on the component. Many cheap mice with a defective sensor use the same function to prevent their LEDs from interfering with mouse tracking, in the case of the V30 in the other direction, since a PMW3320 would not suffer.

The main switches are OMRON China, which has excellent durability and is considered one of the best on the market, according to OMRON Japan, which offers superior quality control and durability.

An explanation of the low price of the V30 is the use of lower quality components on the keyless keys, such as the side switch and the DPI switch, which are low-quality touch models.

The shift switch is a ChangeFeng, a quality function significantly lower than that of OMRON. However, this is justified for a button such as parchment, since, however, it must have a considerable lifespan. I don’t think this could be a disadvantage for the mouse, especially for the low price.

The Scroll Encoder is an excellent mechanical TTC because the brand is considered one of the most advanced technologies together with ALPS. In this case, TTC encoders are generally softer and lighter, while ALPS algorithms have defined levels and are more precise.

Surprisingly, the quality of such a cheap mouse would be so good. Although some of its components may be of poor quality, the welding process is very good and the components are well organized, which can also work well.

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