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How To Know About Custom VoIP Development Is Must for ITSPs


VoIP industry is gigantic and ITSPs (Internet Telecom Service Providers) dominate it. They offer wholesale and retail calling services and many other related services to keep this industry running. Generally, the ITSPs use various VoIP solutions with SaaS (Software as a Service) model or rental software model to run businesses.

Generally, the ITSPs do not have the in-house VoIP development team. Thus, they either buy an off the shelve VoIP product or they outsource project to any of the VoIP development company to get the software developed. As per the experts, it is more beneficial to an ITSP to get the VoIP software development for multiple reasons. Let’s explore the top 3 reasons to use the custom VoIP development services instead of getting a ready to use VoIP solution or an open-source VoIP software.

1. Pay only for the features you need

Each ITSP may use some predefined features and some personalized features. The off-the-shelve VoIP products will have fixed features segmented in different packages. The custom VoIP solution development lets ITSPs choose the features they want to have. They do not need to pay for those useless features which would be never used.

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2. Choose preferred VoIP development Technology

A single VoIP solution can be built in different VoIP programming technologies. For example, if you want to build a class 4 Softswitch solution, then it can be built using either Asterisk or FreeSWITCH. Both of these class 4 switch development technologies have their own pros and cons. Thus, by keeping a wider picture in mind one should choose the technology to build a VoIP solution. When an ITSP buys a ready to use VoIP solution, he will not have any choice to choose the development technology. He has to buy the system the way it is developed. On the other hand, when an ITSP outsources the project of VoIP software development to a company, he gets the opportunity to choose the development language for their product.

3.Reserve all rights on the VoIP software

The VoIP products are owned by the company that builds that software. All rights are also reserved by the company that builds that VoIP product. Even the code is not provided to the ITSP. While an ITSP opts for the VoIP development services offered by a VoIP development company, the ITSP not only gets the VoIP software but also its code and all rights on that software. This can be one of the biggest advantages as the ITSP will have an opportunity to personalize the system to meet its own business model.

4. No future in dark

VoIP products are lucrative as they are quicker to get started, but it may put the future of an ITSP business in the dark. There are many cases, in which, the companies that provided the VoIP software run out of the business or shift the business focus. In such cases, the whole business is put at stake. The ITSP needs to do the whole hard work of finding a new product and shift all data and operations to the new solution. It is quite difficult to deal with as the ITSP usually has the customers and any hiccups in the services may result in loss of business to not only ITSP but also to its customers.

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ITSP runs the whole VoIP industry. Thus, it is necessary that an ITSP uses the most reliable, personalized, robust, and secure VoIP software to run its business. The custom VoIP development provides these characteristics to run a successful ITSP business.

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