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Mobileye Invests in Tokyo, Detroit, Munich to Expand its Business


Recently, Mobileye, an Israel-based startup that develops driver assistance technologies, announced its plans to invest in three different cities: Tokyo, Detroit, and Munich. With the investment, Mobileye hopes to expand its business in new markets and capitalize on the rising demand for driver assistance technologies. 

The investment will focus on three core activities. In Tokyo, the company will invest in the development and deployment of Mobileye’s advanced machine vision and image processing algorithms. This technology can be used to help vehicles lane-keep, detect objects, and make autonomous decisions. 

In Detroit, the company will be tapping into the city’s renowned auto industry. Mobileye plans to collaborate with local automotive manufacturers to develop its software and hardware products. 

Finally, in Munich, Mobileye will be exploring the possibilities of producing its autonomous driving technologies in a cost-effective manner. This involves setting up a production hub in the city to ensure that the company’s products meet the highest quality and safety standards. 

These investments are expected to bring significant benefits to the three cities involved. In Tokyo, citizens can look forward to a smoother and safer driving experience, while Detroit is hoping to capitalize on the  opportunity to grow its existing auto industry. Meanwhile, Munich is hoping to benefit from an influx of new jobs and an increased demand for its products and services. 

Overall, the news of Mobileye’s investment in Tokyo, Detroit, and Munich demonstrates the potential of driver assistance technologies and speaks to the company’s ambition to create a truly autonomous driving future.

 Mobileye Tokyo, Detroit and Munich: Wiggers’ Vision for Global Expansion

 Mobileye Tokyo, Detroit and Munich are three of the most exciting development opportunities in the future of autonomous mobility. Led by CEO Amnon Shashua, these cities were selected as the first cities to receive a Mobileye EyeQ chip. Wiggers’ (formerly Intel Labs Europe) vision for global expansion is to expand the capabilities of this already cutting-edge technology to include solutions for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in autonomous vehicle transportation.

Mobileye EyeQ chips offer the highest level of vision-based perception available in a system geared towards automated driving. The chips will be able to detect obstacles such as pedestrians, other cars, and traffic lights, enabling autonomous vehicles to understand their environment and make decisions on how best to navigate it. The integration of the EyeQ chips into the autonomous vehicles is expected to make automated transportation more efficient, safe, and sustainable.

Tokyo, Detroit, and Munich were chosen as the first cities to receive Mobileye’s EyeQ chips due to the level of innovation and development occurring in each of these regions. The EyeQ chips are being tested and developed in Tokyo’s urban centers to enhance the city’s already existing public transportation system, making it more efficient and  accessible to the public. Detroit’s automotive scene is making advancements with the  development and production of autonomous vehicles and will certainly benefit from the EyeQ chips as they become integrated into these vehicles. Munich is at the forefront of the autonomous vehicle industry and has already proven itself to be an international leader in this sector.

The addition of Mobileye’s EyeQ chips to these three cities marks the beginning of Wiggers’ vision for global expansion. With the integration of the EyeQ chips, it is expected that the autonomous vehicle industry will reach new levels of efficiency, safety, and sustainability. As the technology becomes more advanced and integrated into other cities, the possibilities of autonomous vehicles become endless. Wiggers’ vision for global expansion began in Tokyo, Detroit, and Munich, and it looks like they are just getting started.

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VentureBeat Special Report: Mobileye’s Breakthrough in Tokyo, Detroit, Munich

VentureBeat recently released an exciting report regarding Mobileye’s ground-breaking technology that is making significant strides in Tokyo, Detroit, and Munich. Mobileye is a technology company known for its cutting-edge automotive driver assistance systems that are designed to reduce accidents and improve road safety. The company has recently made great advances in developing autonomous driving systems with the help of automotive powerhouses BMW and Nissan.

The report details how Mobileye is planning to bring its advanced technologies to Tokyo, Detroit and Munich. The company is taking advantage of the growing number of autonomous car testing areas in Japan and Germany, both of which have become some of the most important areas for the development of autonomous driving systems. Not only will the technology help to reduce accidents and improve road safety, but it will also enable drivers to communicate with their vehicles, warning them of potential hazards or unexpected events on the road.

In Tokyo, Mobileye will be bringing its advanced technologies to assist with the construction of a 5G-supported highway. This high-speed highway is expected to be ready by 2018 and will provide autonomous car companies with the much-needed infrastructure to launch their vehicles. Mobileye plans to equip the highway with its own proprietary AI-enabled cameras and lasers.

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