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Labelbox Announces $79m In Series B Funding


Labelbox Capital Group has recently announced the completion of their $79 million Series B funding round, led by funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. Along with the new funds comes new strategic investors including WTI, GGV Capital, Amplify LA, and Meritech Capital.

This new round of funding positions Labelbox as the leader in the automated data labeling space, offering businesses the ability to quickly and accurately capture data from images, videos, and text. Since founding in 2018, Labelbox has helped over 3,500 customers in data labeling across industries, from healthcare to autonomous vehicles.

The new funds will enable Labelbox to further expand their platform by enriching its feature set with new capabilities, speeding up total labeling time for customers, and enabling a more comprehensive suite of machine learning integrations. In addition, the company plans to grow their engineering and product teams and continue their global expansion with the launch of their cloud-based platform.

The $79 million Series B signifies the growing need for machine learning and automated data labeling, as businesses continue to seek out ways to quickly process and analyzing large amounts of data. With the power of Labelbox, businesses can now rapidly label their data and leverage it for sophisticated machine learning efforts.

Capital Group and Other Investors Lead New Funding Round

Recently, there has been some exciting news in the world of investing – a new funding round led by Capital Group and other investors. This funding round seeks to raise capital to support a variety of emerging businesses and give them the resources they need to become successful.

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The goals of this funding round are two-fold: to provide capital for groups who are working to create a product or service that can have a meaningful impact on industries or markets, and to help foster innovation in the industry.

This investment opportunity gives smaller companies the resources they need to scale their operations, increase their profits, and develop new products and services. It’s also a chance for larger companies to diversify their portfolios and explore new opportunities.

These funds expand Capital Group’s reach into the world of startup investments and supplement the current Venture Capital offerings. This increased investment in early stages of companies provides new opportunities for investors to acquire stakes in promising businesses.

The funds come at an important time in global markets, as investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in general look for areas to deploy capital and where they can gain returns.

 Capital Group’s commitment to fostering innovation and progressing the world of business, investment, and technology is commendable. Its new funding round helps businesses to receive the assistance they need to get started and to expand and grow larger than ever before. 

As the world continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to obtain access to  new sources of capital, and this new funding round from Capital Group and other investors is an exciting opportunity for them to do just that.

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VentureBeat Covers Labelbox’s Latest Round of Funding

VentureBeat recently reported that Labelbox, a data labeling and annotation platform, successfully closed its latest round of funding.

The funding amount was undisclosed, but Labelbox did confirm that it has attracted investments from a number of venture capital funds, including Artiman Ventures and Defy Ventures. The startup will use the proceeds to accelerate its customer growth, increase the size of its team, and expand its product portfolio.

Labelbox was founded in 2017 and has become a major player in the data labeling and annotation space. The platform helps organizations quickly and accurately annotate their data so that it can be used for machine learning and other AI-related tasks. It provides customers with a suite of machine learning algorithms and services that make data annotation faster and more accurate.

In addition to the funding, Labelbox has also announced a number of new partnerships and collaborations, including collaborations with Airbus, Johnson & Johnson, and Databricks. The startup is on a mission to make the data labeling process simpler for companies of all sizes, and the recent funding ensures that Labelbox is well-positioned to achieve its goals.

It’s clear that there is significant demand for data annotation solutions, and Labelbox has secured the necessary funding to grow and expand its offerings. We look forward to seeing what Labelbox has in store as it continues to revolutionize the data labeling and annotation space.


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