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How to Translate Legal Documents – Essential Tips


Translation of Legal documents, such as Contracts and agreements, Certificates, Patents, Rules and regulations, among others is a complicated matter that no one wants to mess up with. Any small error may lead to serious consequences or misinterpretations and thus affect a court case, business agreement or immigration process. This can all be avoided with certain tips and the assistance of a reliable translation agency such as Alsun Legal translation Dubai services.

Dealing with legal translation challenges can be an easy mission when you take into account the following tips:

Communicate with your Client

Legal documents include many types such as agreements, court transcripts, witness statements, wills and testaments, birth certificates, immigration documents, and more. So, before you start translation you need to communicate with the client. You can discuss the following with your client:

  • Where the translation will be used. 
  • Ask what does and doesn’t require translation as the documents may include signature pages, seals, notes, etc.
  • Ask if there are certain reference materials, style guides and glossaries.
  • Discuss with the client all translation details such as format, tables and images.
  • Ask if the client needs the translation bilingual or monolingual.

Make sure you discuss all aspects of the documents with your client, this will save you your time and effort.

Alsun Legal translation Dubai services team is available 24/7 to communicate with our clients.

Understand Differences in Legal Systems 

Having in-depth knowledge of the source and target legal systems is critical in legal translation. A professional legal translator reads the legal documents carefully to understand the context and then apply the right translation techniques accordingly using the appropriate language. Alusn Legal translation Dubai services hire subject-matter experts to ensure that the translated legal documents stand up in court and accepted before any other entity.

Utilize Translation Technologies 

Legal Translation requires highest level of accuracy and full adherence to deadlines, and this is what exactly using translation technologies will offer you. There are different types of translation technologies including: 

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  1. Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.
  2. Translation Management System (TMS)
  3. Machine Translation (MT).
  4. Content Management System (CMS).

Using such technologies in legal translation makes this process more accurate in addition to maintaining clients’ know-how. Cat tool for example, took the quality of translations to a whole new level; it has the option of using integrated term bases, which increase the consistency of translations. Also, the translation memory option helps to accelerate the translation process and accordingly ensures fast turnarounds. TMS and CMS provides access in real time for both translators and clients, this enhances communication and cooperation between the clients and translators. Alusn Legal translation Dubai services adopt the latest technologies in legal translations to ensure accuracy and fast turnarounds.  

Use Right Legal Terminology 

“Bona fide”, “Ab initio “these terms may not seem familiar to some translators, but of course not to a professional legal translator.  The language used in legal documents isn’t the language of everyday speech that is one reason why the legal translation is complicated. A legal translator is to provide accurate and consistent translation. 

At Alusn Legal translation Dubai services we have a wide experience in legal translation as well as a team of professional legal translators are able to put the right legal term in its right place.


No doubt, when working on a legal document, you need to stay away from risks. You need to make sure that your document is free from all kinds of errors. So, always have your translated legal document proofread by a second translator. If there are any mistakes or errors in your translated legal document, the liability will rest on your own shoulders.  Proofreading is essential to avoid unwanted errors and to ensure accuracy and consistency. Here, at Alusn Translation office in Dubai , we proofread every single legal document to provide the highest level of accuracy.  

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Maintain Confidentiality

 Legal documents are usually of confidential nature thus, it is better to ask your client if the documents contain any confidential data or information. In case the documents include such data or information, pay all needed attention to such documents to maintain it confidential. Using translation technologies in such case is preferable as it will help you provide secure portals for file transfer and make access to such file protected with passwords.

Alsun Legal translation Dubai services ensure that our clients’ legal documents are stored and transferred in secured methods. Moreover, our team of translators is subject to NDAs. 

Seek for Legal Advice

Translating legal documents must always be done accurately, so if necessary, seek legal advice from professional lawyer based in the target’s region.  To ensure the accuracy of translated legal documents, get these documents proofread by a lawyer. Such lawyer will provide you with worthy advices especially if the legal documents are court related documents. A very important tip to consider is to devote a sufficient time for reviewing, by doing so; you guarantee high quality and accurate translation. 


Always remember that the slightest mistake in translating legal documents could lead to a complicated legal process. To be on the safe side when translating legal documents make sure you communicated all details with your client, have the required knowledge of the legal system and terminology, use the right technology, proofread the documents, seek legal and ensure confidentiality is maintained.

Contact Alsun Legal translation Dubai services for further information on legal translation. Get free quotation! 

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