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Must Know about How to ASTPP Benefits Calling Card Businesses?


ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform. It has been catering to different VoIP businesses by working as one of the important business solutions, namely, VoIP billing solution. In 2019, the ASTPP community took a step ahead to make it a unified business solution for VoIP business sectors. Now, this solution offers VoIP billing features, but it is not restricted to that only. It also offers a wide array of features and add-ons that provide a complete range of VoIP solutions to run different VoIP businesses. There are many different business owners in the VoIP industry that can use this all in one VoIP solution. One of the businesses that can get benefit from this smart VoIP software is “Calling Cards”. In this article, we will briefly discuss how this solution can drive success for calling card business owners.

One of the integral features or modules available in ASTPP is Calling Cards. As we know, ASTPP 4 is available as an open source VoIP solution as well as an enterprise solution. In both of these versions of ASTPP 4, one can get the Calling Card feature.

The Calling Card feature of this smart telephony platform provides GUI based windows. It means all actions related to calling card business can be handled using a graphical user interface. An engaging and easy to use window makes management and operations way easier. This Calling Card feature allows performing the following actions:

  • The admin can create multiple calling cards at the same time
  • The calling cards available in this smart VoIP solution can be exported in a CSV file format
  • Calling card management can be done with card numbers
  • PIN based calling card management is available
  • Authentication can be performed without the PIN number
  • Reports
  • The admin can create ready to use prompts for different messages
  • The admin can activate or deactivate different prompts

As one can see, the whole process of calling card business can be automated using the ASTPP 4 solution.

The ASTPP is still the most powerful VoIP billing solution and it offers the best in the industry billing and invoicing features. This, for the calling card business as well as all operations related to invoicing and billing will be performed by the ASTPP itself. Thus, the users can do the needful without any additional efforts.

ASTPP also supports the reseller model and this model is supported systematically with roles and permission management features available in the ASTPP 4. It means the businesses can create multiple reseller accounts to expand their calling card businesses. The resellers can have all or limited features and admin can have full control over the same. The admin can decide which features should be granted to which reseller. Different resellers can have different features and permissions.

In a nutshell, this smart telephony platform provides top to bottom features with automation and GUI features to benefit calling card businesses. Thus, all operations can be taken care of with minimum manual resources and maximum efficiency. This will save a lot of time. The Calling Card businesses can increase ROI as well as businesses with the ASTPP 4.

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