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Gain Additional Savings by Recycling Empty Ink Cartridges


It‘s always easy to pile up the used printer cartridges. But, throwing them like trash in the landfills might not be the ideal choice since printer consumables take around thousands of years to dispose of completely. On the contrary, refilling might be a viable option but, often this is considered to be quite messy for people. So, once they are being completely used, they get slowly accumulated on the drawer or desk, thereby increasing the clutter, which you keep thinking to do something meaningful about.

Well, what‘s the good news? You will actually get paid for the empty ink or toner cartridges and stay environmentally-friendly by selling them to toner recycling companies. Following here are some of the most common methods of gaining money with used printer consumables.

Selling them to Toner Recycling Companies

Well, there are companies that offer the best deal for your empty ink cartridges including handling and shipping. All you need to do is fill their online forms.  

Make sure of making a packing slip, which will jot down all the contents. On an average, clients mostly get paid within a time span of 24 hours, once they receive your used printer consumables. Companies like Toner Trader hosts a series of programmers, which are quite professional and reliable. Thus, the next time you are in search of a renowned toner recycling company in the UK, consider them.

Taking them to Office Supply Stores

Office Supply stores conduct a number of ink or toner cartridge recycling reward programs. We know that office supply stores offer lucrative discounts on the cartridge refills. However, some of them also pay you for your used ink cartridges as well. To participate, you need to join as a member of the various client reward programs and make selective purchases. However, if you shop at those stores on a regular note, it could certainly be a good solution. Moreover, it‘s also worthy enough to look for the local office supply store to know, whether they have any similar type of program.

Taking a picture

There are certain programs sponsored by organizations of waste management where you will be paid for clicking pictures of recyclable materials of printer consumables. All you need to do is download the app, thereby uploading a picture of the recyclable material. With every picture, you will earn points, which can be redeemed for the discounts on entertainment, travel, and dining. Moreover, you can earn rewards like computers and printers.

Well, each option hosts its own set of pros and cons and thus, it‘s entirely on your hands to make the best viable decision. Returning the cartridges to office supply store might be the least desirable for you, as because, it compels you to store credit and take a special trip. On the contrary, selling through the buy-back site is quite better since, it avoids those things, provided you don‘t need to wait much for receiving the cheque.

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