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Duane Park Closes $8.5M Funding Round Led by Economic Times


Recently, the news of Duane Park closing an $ 8.5 million funding round has been making the rounds. Led by Economic Times, the funding round was backed by marquee investors – Vikram Sodhi, the investment guru of Indorse Capital, Narayan Mehta of Sandbox Ventures, Omar Abbasi of Turaco Investments, and a few others.

Duane Park, a venture-backed company, provides an all-in-one business platform that helps companies manage their financial and legal operations with simple and efficient enterprise software. The platform simplifies various administrative, compliance and audit tasks, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations, instead of mundane operations.

With the new funding, Duane Park plans to expand their management and engineering capacities, both for their products and services. The company is also looking at expanding its products and services offering to more verticals.

“We are delighted to receive the support of this group of highly experienced investors. This round of financing will enable us to rapidly expand our engineering and management teams and develop our product and services offering,” said Deepak Agarwal, founder and CEO of Duane Park.

Duane Park’s platform was designed to reduce paperwork and  management tasks, enhancing visibility into financial and legal operations. The platform is designed to help companies handle complex operations in a streamline manner and make the transition to digital more user friendly.

This is excellent news for entrepreneurs in the business space, as tech-enabled support to business operations is becoming increasingly more necessary than ever. As the business world keeps getting complicated and more competitive, businesses need to be ahead of the curve to stay ahead of the competition. Duane Park’s platform is going to be a great asset to this end.

Duane Park Lands $8.5M Investment From Economic Times

Recently, the Economic Times announced that Duane Park has landed an $8.5 million investment from the Economic Times. This major investment is part of the company’s larger strategy to grow its global footprint and provide a platform to host and manage digital real estate transactions.

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For Duane Park, the investment is a major milestone for their organization. This investment will help fuel their growth and ensure that they can continue to provide the solutions to their customers that have made them successful in the past. The additional capital will help them to invest in innovations and new technologies that will help them expand their offerings.

The new funding from the Economic Times allows Duane Park to make further investments in technology, infrastructure and personnel. This will help them create unique solutions that will enable them to offer even more service and creative solutions for their customers. It will also allow them to establish partnerships with global markets as well as enhance their client base.

Duane Park is a digital real estate platform that allows users to manage and monitor their investments in the real estate sector. It is designed to make the entire process of buying, selling, or investing in digital property easier and faster. Their technology helps users to make accurate and reliable decisions in the ever-changing digital real  estate market.

Duane Park is a rapidly growing company that has been recognized for its innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. It is well known for providing its customers with top-notch digital real estate solutions that are cost-effective and reliable. This major investment from the Economic Times will only further boost the growth and success of Duane Park.

Overall, the investment from the Economic Times will provide even more financial support and resources to Duane Park to help them expand their reach and continue to provide the highest quality platform for digital real estate transactions. With this large injection of capital, Duane Park will be able to create innovative products and services that give their customers an even stronger foundation in the digital real estate landscape.

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 Duane Park Boosts Capital With $8.5M From Economic Times

Recently, Duane Park, a venture-backed London-based startup, announced that it has raised $8.5 million from Economic Times. The Series A round was led by venture capital fund Tiger Global, with participation from existing investors Lowercase Capital, Omidyar Network, GV, and Index Ventures.

Duane Park is a financial services platform that works to make capital markets more open and accessible. They provide financial services to small business owners, corporate ventures, and startups. The company’s mission is to enable entrepreneurs and businesses to access critical capital in less developed markets, while providing financial products and services tailored to the needs of its customers.

The new funding will be used to further expand the company’s reach and develop its product capabilities. It will also be used to build out a team of data and engineering experts. With the investment, Duane Park is aiming to develop new products such as credit and crowdlending, as well as grow its presence in key markets.

The capital raised will also help Duane Park develop strategic partnerships with leading global financial institutions. These partnerships will enable the company to provide more financial products and services to its customer base in the UK and beyond.

The infusion of funds from Economic Times  is seen as a powerful statement of the company’s potential. The investment will no doubt help Duane Park to become a major player in the global capital markets, while providing more opportunities to small business owners, startups, and corporate ventures to grow and succeed.

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