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Cloud based Intelligent Call Center Solution Is Must for Small Businesses


The intelligent call center software is a blessing in disguising for SMEs, small enterprises, and startups. It helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of a business and at the same time reduces cost as well.

The intelligent call center software allows startups to boost their sales, cold calling, telemarketing, and other campaigns and provide enhanced customer service.

What is a cloud based call center?

With time, the popularity of in-house call center solutions installed on the server has decreased considerably. It has been replaced by the cloud based intelligent call center solution.

The cloud is used for storage and processing of all information like customer data, notes, call logs and recordings, leads, etc. safely over the internet. This data can be accessed anywhere around the world by the call center employees. This gives them the flexibility to work from home and make and answer calls using VoIP technology without any degradation in the performance.

Benefits of a cloud based call center solution for small businesses

  • Empowering the call center agents

The cloud based intelligent call center software empowers agents to be more efficient in handling customer calls and provide better customer support. With a lot of inbuilt features like predictive dialing, lead prioritization, smart dialer, etc. agents can spend more time with live people, thus improving the contact rates. The agents can make and receive a huge volume of calls each day and quickly reply to customers.

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  • Improved productivity and higher profits

Cloud based intelligent call center software enables SMEs to scale up in no time. It allows companies to build customer relations and provide personalized customer experience. With this solution, a call center can reach more people and more live calls answer each day and make a considerable increase in sales calls, thereby resulting in higher revenue generation for the business.

  • Cost savings

The cloud call center solution eliminates the need to have in-house employees and teams. Since everything is connected over the internet, startups can hire virtual agents who can work from home or from remote locations and can make and answer calls from anywhere around the globe. The only requirements would be a computer with an active internet connection and a microphone headset. This helps to save a lot of expenses over office rent, in-house staff, and other office supplies.


  • Convenient data storage

Since all the call center data is stored in digital form in a cloud, it eliminates the need for investment in servers and expensive storage devices. This helps in saving costs. Also, the data is more secure in the cloud.

  • No more phone lines and expensive hardware

The cloud based intelligent call center software is a complete digital solution, all phone calls can be made and answered over the internet using the VoIP technology and a SIP calling. This helps SMEs to avoid spending unnecessarily over telephone communications, wiring, and other expensive hardware. The only hardware required are a computer and a microphone.

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It is apparent from the above that a cloud based call center solution is relatively handy as well as cost effective for small businesses in order to provide the best service and achieve faster growth.

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