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Best Lesson Planner Software Features For Students


What is the first thing you consider when choosing the ideal educational institution for your children?  Even if you happen to be a high school or college student, what are the first points to note while choosing a school or college? Mostly, students look for a good faculty, an institution that offers placement options, a varied and evenly distributed curriculum that adapts to their academic as well as extracurricular needs, and many other personalised preferences.

Setting aside everything else, most decisions are based on how an educational institution plans its activities and how well it can execute them to benefit students. For this, the need to plan school lessons arises in two parts.  

Firstly, the entire school follows a generic routine or way of learning. This might include regular classes, a break in between, three more classes or any other pattern deemed suitable by the institution. Secondly, every class teacher and subject teacher has a personalised lesson planner for students in different grades. This is more specific and requires some reliable features to guarantee positive learning outcomes.

Here are some features of  the best lesson planner that can uplift the learning standards of all students;

Draft Routine

A draft routine is an outline of the everyday tasks students are supposed to complete, through a generic format including the following;

  • Number of classes to attend each day
  • Listed activities (extracurricular and club)
  • Homework, assignments to submit with designated credit marks or score
  • Link to upload homework, refer to academic journals
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Apart from these, a school might have multiple listings depending on the requirement. It helps students be prepared confidently with an idea of what they should be looking forward to, prioritising learning goals.

Subject/Class List

A school lesson planner needs to be a vast, accommodating subject list for each grade when viewed in detail. Subject or class lists are uploaded by teachers, often with an update on upcoming topics students might discuss in the class.

Personal Lists

Personalization is an important feature of every online system, especially for educational units. Every student likes accessing their own version of the school portal, which also has a customizable option for not only the lesson planner but also features like an assignment, fees or attendance management system. Now they are free to highlight important pending assignments and upcoming exams and be ready for a good academic year ahead.

Resource List

Now that every student has their priorities set right, how can they upgrade the quality of this learning? Teachers guide them with reliable resources. Uploading them online along with the assignment questions is useful enough. This resource list is even more beneficial during the examination period.

Communication Tabs

When in doubt, ask a teacher! Institutions teach children to be curious so they can build clear and transparent communication lines with their educators. They constantly engage, provide feedback, approve and resolve educational needs. Lesson planners should allocate a link that opens a direct communication tab with teachers to allow this.

Cloud Storage

A school is responsible for storing no an immense volume of data, on both students and teachers. Apart from this, they also participate in administrative activities, deal with finances, and focus on outsourced undertakings too. Who records all this data? Thanks to modern-day advantages, we now have cloud storage available with multiple advanced software, even in the educational field, to make our life easier. Surprisingly, a lesson planner can also store and upload data, like a class assignment or practice sheet. 

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Notifications & Reminders 

No more worrying about missing assignments, a lesson planner with notifications encourages students to be updated with everyday activities. They can even set personal reminders for specific activities. A reminder early in the day goes a long way, allowing students to make the best out of their lesson planner. 


Don’t be mistaken that only a lesson planner with efficient features will be able to pull through good results for all students. An institution equally requires to put in efforts in ensuring every such lesson is relevant, understood and backed by the means of examinations, activities, and other school undertakings. With the best modern tools and management systems backed by digital convenience, every institution can achieve its target goals and help students participate in educational activities better.

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