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3 Best-in-class Attributes of Woocommerce for Improved User Experience


Essentially, Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin, which has gained eminence as an efficient eCommerce platform. It certainly helps you to build, manage and maintain an online store without facing the daunting process of working with codes.

The plugin hosts a series of capabilities and features, but more precisely, online sellers should be well-versed with its varied range of beneficial features before developing a Woocommerce-built store.

Extremely Secured

The ‘wow‘ thing about this platform and its POS is regular updation. Thus, you don‘t have to stress much about the security issues. Since it‘s being updated regularly, it has been proven to be compatible with latest versions of WordPress and thus, won‘t experience a number of bugs.

With an efficient one click-update system, getting plenty of security updates and bug fixes become very easy and super fast.  

Moreover, being an Open-source platform, you can get benefitted with its faster improvements, advanced features, and a great community.

Analytics Become Super Easy

If you are willing to keep track of the eCommerce site, it becomes very necessary to deploy an analytics tool. However, at times, it becomes pretty complicated for users who are just about to start the business, since many of them might not be that much familiar with techniques.

The beneficial thing about this platform is it makes the entire process of analytics quite simple, since, its inbuilt analytics system performs the ‘very‘ same function efficiently. Things like individual customer statistics, sales by date, average order totals and total sales are being demonstrated inaccurate little pie graphs.

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Apart from these, you can integrate modern analytics easily like Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, Sumome Content Analytics, and Heatmaps by deploying this platform.

Extensive Flexibility

Another great thing to observe about Woocommerce is; it offers extensive flexibility. Woocommerce stores are designed to sell physical, virtual and even downloadable products. Moreover, the POS solutions provide the ability to accept different kinds of payment modes, which makes the shopping items more flexible for purchasers.

Moreover, you can move through a series of different elements across the web page as per your choice. You can also make use of the custom designs and templates for specific different categories and product pages by deploying this platform.

There is a list of varied ways in which Woocommerce serves better to the world of eCommerce. The key features which, describe this platform at its best are security, ease of use and efficiency. Using an online site effectively may prove to be a daunting process. The easier you can manage the site, the easier it becomes to modify the site for improvements. Thus, if you are in search of a platform for hosting your eCommerce site at an affordable proposition, then Woocommerce is the best to rely on.

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