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WordPress Vs Squarespace: Which Is The Reliable Website Builder For Real Estate Companies?


For real estate business, as an agent, you need to have a website with easy features, SEO tools, and an easy-to-use interface. This way, you can attract sellers and buyers to your real estate business in which you are selling or buying apartments for rent in El Cajon. However, many online platforms are famous for building real estate websites. But here, we will discuss only two famous platforms. One is wordpress, and the other is Squarespace. 

As both these online platforms are the better option to create websites. But one is more useful with flexibility and additional features according to real estate business needs. 


Squarespace for Real Estate Websites:

Squarespace is the most famous for many website building because of its unique and wide range of attractive templates. This online platform offers almost 100 plus easy and simple-to-use templates. However, all the templates are classified according to business type. So it is very easy for you to choose the one that best fits your real estate business website. 

Plus, this platform allows website builders to customize the template according to brand using different editing tools. On this platform, you can change the color, pages, and font of the site. Plus, it allows you to use different e-commerce plugins. 


Squarespace Pros:



The major benefit that makes Squarespace more famous is its cost-effectiveness. With tons of templates and an easy to use interface, this platform is also affordable. 

Natural Designs with Attractive Templates

Squarespace offers many attractive templates with natural designs to create a business website. 

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Automatic Software Updates and Advanced Security System

This platform offers automatic software and code updates with an advanced security system. 

Mobile Optimized Website

The website made on this platform is also mobile user-friendly. 


All the templates and designs on this platform are optimized according to SEO. 

Hosting Plan is Present

With a free domain name, a hosting plan is also included on this platform for the first year. Then you have to pay annually for this platform. 

Free Domain 

With hosting, a free domain name is present for the first year. Then you have to pay annually for this platform. 

Squarespace Cons:


Limited Plugins

The major drawback of Squarespace is that it has limited plugins. 

It’s not Free

As the platform is affordable but you still need to pay for this platform for your website. 

It’s not very Customizable.

On this platform, you can easily change the colors and fonts of a website. But it is impossible to change or customize the entire website. 


WordPress for Real Estate Websites:

In 2001, developers started building many business websites and blogs using wordpress as this platform uses MySQL and PHP. No doubt, it is an open platform with many easy-to-customize websites. 

Here you can also create a real estate business website because of many reasons. Let’s talk about all benefits of this platform for creating a business website for real estate. 


WordPress Pros:


Full Customization

Using wordpress, you can build a website from the start with the help of different themes and plugins. 

It’s Free

You can download wordpress software free of cost. But you have to pay for plugins, specific themes, domain names, and hosting. In short, this platform is affordable. 

It’s Open-Source

As WordPress is an open-source CMS, so many developers are uploading different themes and plugins from time to time. 

It Offers Powerful Blogging Tools

A blog is the best marketing tool for your real estate business. This platform allows you to craft high-quality articles and blogs through SEO. 

No Coding is Required

This platform doesn’t ask you for coding. So you can approach it even when you are building a real estate business website from the start.


WordPress Cons:


There’s a Learning Curve

Though code learning is not necessary at wordpress, this platform is not natural for website building as Squarespace is. 

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Plugins and Themes Can Cause Problems

The outdated themes and plugins on this platform often cause issues. Similarly, a website with many themes and plugins also leaves a major negative impact on users. 

There are Come Liability Risks

WordPress is the most famous website-building platform. That is why it is more at risk of hacking and spamming. Plus, this platform is at risk of theme downloading using the wrong code. WordPress offers many security systems, but still, these are not enough. 


Squarespace vs. WordPress: Ease of Use

When it is time to compare wordpress with Squarespace for real estate business websites, then it is important to consider ease of use. It is true to say that website creation is not as simple as it seems. It requires experience, skills, and time. Here everyone needs to have a platform to create a business or any other type of website. 

At this stage, Squarespace is the right option. This platform is easy to use for beginners. Special thanks to the drag-and-drop feature with an easy interface. So you can easily create a new website within a few hours. Plus, this platform offers automatic software, themes, and plugins updates. Also, all the tools and plugins on this platform are affordable. 


Squarespace vs. WordPress: Features and Functionality

WordPress is an open-source CMS, so it offers customization of codes. It means the platform constantly uploads new themes and plugins. Among all these themes and plugins, some top is costly, while some are free of cost. 

WordPress also allows you to download extra software, SEO tools, analytical tools, and marketing plugins. So you are just a few steps away from converting clicks into clients. This platform also allows you to create a user-friendly website with client-generating tools. 

On the other hand, Squarespace is also a famous and helpful platform, but in terms of power, features, and functionality, it is just a loser. This platform offers limited plugins with no advanced functionality feature. 



Till now, you get a better understanding of both online platforms. Now you know which platform is better for your real estate business website. It is true to say that wordpress is the best CMS, but Squarespace is also a better option with easy and simple setup and affordability.  

Though WordPress is the most famous online website-building platform, it offers many extra features that you need for your real estate business website. This platform offers many plugins and themes with more flexible tools. But the only drawback is that it is costly compared to Squarespace, but this cost gives you rewarding results with HTML coding benefits. 

So if you want to choose a platform between WordPress and Squarespace to service your clients and attract more clients, nothing is better than WordPress!


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