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What are the different applications chosen for Razor Wire?


For the security purpose, the installation of the Razor Wire Fence is done. It becomes a challenge to strengthen the perimeter of the enterprise the institution or privately owned warehouse. There is a variety of options in the market. Here are the main characteristics of the razor wire fence which you should pay attention to.

1- Razor Wire Concertina Diameter:

The diameter of the wire is measured for each object chosen individually. The greater the diameter the higher will be the efficiency during the installation. But with the greater diameter the higher efficiency the price will also rise with the per meter cost. After the stretching and setting of the razor wire concertina decreases.

2- Number of Concertina Turns:

There are numerous turns in the concertina. The smaller the turns the concertina is easier to install as it is easier and convenient to work with it during the installation, but more often it directly connected to the concertina and the connection a place that is potential of the vulnerability.

3- The Razor Wire Concertina Coil Stretch and the Length:

The distance between the length of the razor wire and the adjacent coils stretches which is then proclaimed by the seller in the price list that often differs in reality. The maximum distance between the turns and the spirals should be lesser otherwise it would lead to increasing the distance between the coils and reducing the rigidity of the concertina. Also, the razor tape tends to lose its protective properties, and consequently to a distortion of the idea of creating the high-performance lines of the defense.

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4- Rivets Number:

Sometimes it happens that the buyer ignores certain factors due to which the seller does not specify the firm quality of the cramps and sell the miniature of the cheaper spiral or more expensive miniature. This should be kept in mind that us of the 3 miniature bond is valid for the small diameter coils by reducing the effectiveness of the barrier then the coils of the large diameter it is unacceptable.

5- Raw Materials Quality:

The galvanized strips thickness must be checked. As using these thinner strips initially that has almost no effect on the effectiveness of the security fence but in the long run, it reduces the obstacles to service a few times. If the wire is not galvanized high it will loosen the fencing in the near future. So when the material is without the coating then the points of the contact begin the process of destruction also it will lose the strength and aesthetic appearance.

6- Manufacturing Technology:

The quality of the razor wire should be carefully monitored. As the tapes applied should be tightly compressed the guide wire, the gap must be absent. The surface tape after the crimping should not have the injuries. The sharpness of the spines depends on the tape.


As the razor wire, people can see through but while installation of the baseball fence if you want to install the Baseball Fence Windscreen then you can go for that as this will protects the intruders that are passing by see your game.

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