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Which Are Must Have Tools for Managers in a Call Center Solution?


Call center solutions have gone through a revolutionary journey. The latest version of it is an intelligent call center software that is developed to benefit each entity that uses it. Read on to know about the must-have tools and features that are available in intelligent call center software.

Call center solution has been benefiting call centers and MNCs to leverage the benefits of boosting the performance of customer support and lead conversion campaigns. The increasing demand for this solution has brought many changes in the traditional call center software. The latest edition of this solution which has all advanced features and uses cutting edge technology is intelligent call center software.

The intelligent call center solution is built by the technology experts to provide abundant benefits bestowed by the perfect amalgamation of technology and call center software. It is built to benefit all entities that use it in one way or another. A majority of call center software is focused on providing the top class features to agents. Of course, it is necessary to provide advanced features to agents so they can perform better and increase business benefits. However, a majority of call center solutions, including, some ‘so-called’ intelligent call center software solutions miss some important tools that can help a manager to do his job better.

Remember, in any call center, the role of a manager is very crucial. He is the one who assures all agents are performing at their best and they are well trained to perform at their best. He is also answerable to authority on productivity and campaign performance. Thus, it is important to choose an intelligent call center solution that can help managers in taking care of their duties. Below is the list of some of the tools that have to be there in your intelligent call center software:

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  1. Agent statistics

The first job of a supervisor is to assure that all agents are using the tools available to them and reaching predefined goals of the call center. The traditional call center solutions offer reports that can be used to review different KPIs of agents. The intelligent call center software provides a dedicated tool to measure the performance of each agent, namely, agent statistics. This may have a different name, but the offering will be the same. The manager can see the live and historical statistics of the agents.

  1. Fraud detection

In a call center, it is necessary to assure that the time spent on a call is well spent. The intelligent call center solution offers a tool called fraud detection, which detects suspicious calls in real-time. The managers will get to know about it and once it is detected he can take different actions such as taking control of the call and talk directly with the caller or drop the call. This is very important as it helps in saving resources of the call center.

  1. Live dashboards

Managers need to know what is happening and if a system can do that for them, it is amazing. The live dashboards show statistics of different campaigns, agent performance, etc. This live data can be viewed in real-time to take action in real-time or in the future.

The intelligent call center software also offers all traditional features such as barge-in, whisper, conference, call controls, reports, call logs, call recordings, etc.

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