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Tips for Medical School Mock Interview: Research, Hire a Consultant, and More


Are you still procrastinating? Are you still clinging to bad habits that can hinder your success in medical school mock interviews?

It is time to wake up! Break free from complacency, confront your weakness, and embrace the proactive steps that will catapult you toward the interview process. 

The time is ticking, the spotlight is on you. 

Often, medical schools will not produce NHS doctors, they want to create doctors who are scientific thinkers or just adaptable professionals. 

Let’s explore further tips for Medical School Mock Interviews you should know before you want to join medical school. 

Research The Medical School

Before joining, Ensure you know what type of interview the medical school conducts.

It will provide you with the guidelines for your interview and improve your Medical School Interview Skills. Some of the medical schools have vast information on their websites for applicants about the application process, and they should give you extra information when you get an invitation for the interview.

Keep A Diary Or Notebook With Yourself

It can be very beneficial to keep a notebook/diary, and when writing, you can split it into 3 sections:

  • First Section: You can keep medicine-related news that you often read online or watch on television.
  • Second Section: You can keep this section for ‘common questions.’
  • Third Section: You can use this last section for ethics.
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You can always explore this website, ‘Medical News Today’, for the articles as they are written in simple-to-understand words. 

Keeping notes can give a great understanding and help you make good medical school Mock interview tips and strategies and what kind of attitude and professionalism medical schools expect you to have from the start of the first year.

The Qualities Of A Doctor You Should Know 

It can be beneficial to keep everything in place and prevent your interview from becoming overwhelming.

Your content does not have to be jampacked, but writing a range of different ideas can be advantageous to your interview.

All this can help you have a unique and relevant point to make on a question that they might have asked numerous other people. 

For example, if you have to face a question in the interview. “Why do doctors make mistakes?”

Normal people usually will go around saying, “Doctors are human beings, and we all make mistakes.”

But usually, if you have read some important points and noted them down, you can go on saying a fact like this: Due to increased working hours and many of the junior doctors having a long day or long night shifts without any breaks, it can be the main reason of doctors making mistakes.”

However, when you say something that is a little bit controversial, it always shows that you know how to think critically.

But you should say something that shows you have considered the question from all sides; you can say, “ Doctors should also be attentive, diligent, and updated with their medical knowledge to reduce their mistakes.”.

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Research The Student Room

You can survey other students’ previous year’s interviews so you know if it is the right medical school or not.There are usually times when other students have got high marks and times when you can compare yourself to others, but always remind yourself that you are good enough because you got an invite to the interview.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

It is important to become comfortable with expressing yourself and all the amazing stuff you have achieved in your life.

How to answer your medicine interview questions

You can write down the topic areas and related questions, and then you can give your task to a  friend or family member to ask you questions without knowing anything about it.

This way, you can sound natural when you speak, and it does not look scripted or cringeworthy.

During the interview, it can feel weird to just talk about yourself for half an hour or more or answer questions, so you sound like a very intelligent person. 

But, all this is to make the interviewer realize how brilliant of a doctor you will be in the future.


All these tips for Medical School Mock Interviews can be very helpful to you. 

Noting down all the points in your diary/notebook will assist you in cracking the interview questions easily.

Always remember it is okay to be nervous, but if you are prepared, there is a high likelihood that you will always be confident for the MMI Interview

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