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How to Use Help Desk Ticketing Solution to Increase Productivity?


All businesses seek for opportunities to increase staff productivity in multiple ways. The businesses invest a lot of money on training and support to assure that their staff members perform with maximum productivity. There are many tools and software that can help increase the productivity of the staff. A help desk ticketing solution is one of the software that can be used to help staff members increase their productivity.

Help desk ticketing solution, which is also known as IT support ticket solution, is a solution that offers a systematic approach to handle customer support requests and other concerns.

In this article, you will learn how a helpdesk ticketing system increases productivity.

1. Provide an approach to take care of client concerns

The help desk ticketing solution provides a systematic tool that lets customers raise queries and concerns. All customer support requests will be added to this tool. Unlike email or call, which may get lost in case of heavy traffic, all support requests will be added in the IT support ticket solution in the form of tickets. This makes sure that all customer queries reach the support staff. This also assures that the executives do not need to juggle through multiple platforms such as call notes, email, etc. to see the customer issues which may get missed unconsciously by the customer. This actually saves time in assuring all customer queries to reach the support staff without additional efforts and provide time to resolve the same.

2. Assure that dedicated executives work on the ticket

When there are multiple executives in a company, it can be possible that multiple customer care executives start working on the same ticket. This actually wastes time of agents and may increase issues. The helpdesk ticketing system removes this issue by providing a more efficient system that assures only dedicated executives to work on the ticket. This helps in saving time for the executives. For example, one of the features offered by the helpdesk ticketing solution is locking the ticket. It means the support engineer that works on the customer issue can lock the ticket to indicate that this ticket is being handled and other executives do not need to work on the same.

3. Provide an easy way to inform customer about work updates

Generally, customers either stay anxious about the point of whether anyone is taking care of their issue or not or they make support executives anxious by calling them repetitively. The helpdesk ticketing software provides a useful tool that can be used by the support team to keep sending updates without spending much time on the same by drafting formal emails or calling customers about the status of the customer. This way the company can take care of this task without spending much time. This helps executives to spend saved time on taking care of tickets.

The helpdesk ticketing solution helps in taking care of many tasks with the highest possible efficiency. It also saves time for the support team to increase productivity. Any company can use this powerful tool which is available as an open-source or proprietary system.

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