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RGB vs Neopixel Lightsaber – Which Is the Suitable One?


There is a never-ending war between RGB and Neopixel. The Star Wars universe is huge and is expanding into a stellar space. 

Undoubtedly, there are various planets in the Star Wars universe. However, there are many lightsabers as well that every Jedi and Sith wield during a war against each other. 

The dark red lightsaber is an iconic one, and the mighty Darth Vader wields it. Same as Luke Skywalker wields a green lightsaber. Both these present various options for choosing the suitable lightsaber. 

Recently, Neopixel lightsabers have gained immense popularity amongst Star Wars fans and the entire lightsaber market. 

Both lightsabers have various uses for buyers and can be used for displaying, cosplaying, or even dueling.

So, which lightsaber can be an effective choice to consider? Well, it depends on what you want from your lightsabers. 

Comparison – RGB vs. Neopixel

Lightsaber Blades

If you want your lightsaber for a fight, choose a sturdy blade that you can confidently use for clashes during the lightsaber duels. 

You may also want your lightsaber for cosplaying, where the entire focus goes on aesthetics as compared to toughness and reliability. 

If you are considering it for cosplay, you don’t have to care if your blades can withstand tough strikes from your opponents. 

Your lightsaber should shine bright if you want to add a realistic look to the movies. 

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Its construction should be aesthetically pleasing to ensure you are carrying the lightsaber that pays tribute to the Star Wars. 

The claws that are there on your hilt may not be useful for combat. They can break easily. However, they are even useful for cosplay and display. It means there is less chance of any breakage. 

The blade is a lightsaber part that directly strikes the lightsaber of an opponent, usually during the duels. 

It is among the important components to consider when it comes to dueling. The two main types of blades used are –

  • Midgrade 
  • Heavy Grade. 

You can use both blades with both the Neopixel lightsabers and the standard RGB lightsaber. 

Midgrade blades are used for displaying bright colors, while heavy-grade blades are suitable for dueling. 

Colors and Effects

Neopixel lightsaber replicas shines amazingly, like the lightsabers you must have seen in the movies. It has a wider range of special colors, effects, and animations that are much more appealing than the RGB lightsabers. 

The Neopixel blades include LED strips inside the blade, while RGB blades include LEDs inside the hilt.

It is why the blade is seen as complete in terms of its brightness. The different LEDs on the LED strip light up different sections of the Neopixel lightsaber blades. The standard RGB lightsaber releases light from the hilt, which further becomes dull when it travels along with the blade. 

You can also customize these blades depending on your combat, cosplay, or display needs. However, Neopixel lightsabers are a clear winner if you are after the aesthetic look of the lightsaber. 

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Suppose you are cosplaying Darth Saber; you may need a bright red light that does not look dull. So, Neopixel can be the right choice in such a scenario. 

Neopixel lightsabers have a lot of different effects, including the scrolling effect when you turn your lightsaber On/Off. However, it is easier to turn off the standard RGB lightsabers.

Lightsaber Components

The basic components of the lightsaber are almost the same. The lightsaber usually contains a hilt and a blade connected to the hilt. 

The hilt contains all the electronics needed to power up your blade and control the sounds and effects. 

It also includes the pommel cap, battery, emitter, body, soundboard, coupler, and tightening screw. 

Additionally, you may need a charger to recharge the battery inside the hilt to power up the electronics and lighten the lightsaber blade. 

The Neopixel lightsaber, available for sale, is even more complex and provides a realistic look. It has different special effects and is expensive to build as compared to the RGB lightsabers. 

It has more LEDs. Further, it consumes more battery than the standard RGB lightsabers. 

The power consumption for the Neopixel has improved vastly over the last few years. However, it still needs more power as compared to the standard RGB lightsabers. 

Both are suitable options for dueling, but the standard ones are more durable for combat purposes. 

The reason is that LEDs on the strips you must have seen inside a Neopixel blade can get easily damaged during lightsaber clashes.

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