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Actionable Tips to Improve Your Mobile App’s User Experience (UX)


Amongst millions of mobile apps on the app stores, the ones with soothing mobile usability and a great UI/UX design have much higher chances of becoming successful. To make the app stand out from the crowd, the app developers must focus on building a successful and useful experience.

Here are some practical tips that can help in improving your mobile app user experience.

Keeping the UI/UX design simple:
While doing UI/UX development, the developers may want to design something out-of-the-box but could end up designing something complicated. While reaching a certain goal of design, the developers could spend more time on unnecessary features. This could affect the simplicity of the app. So, developers should have a minimalistic design approach and keep it simple.

Uniformity in the design throughout the app:
After finalizing the overall design of the mobile app, it should be kept uniform till the end. This avoids the confusion of the users while navigating through the app. If the colors or typology of the app keep changing for different pages on the app, the users could get diverted and disturbed. So, the UI/UX design should be consistent, maintaining the aesthetics and structure of the app.

Colour combinations in the UI/UX design:
To avoid visual saturation, it is necessary to choose a color scheme that has fewer colors. Usually, a maximum of three is considered to be decent choice. If these three colors are in conjunction with the logo, the aim should be to maintain consistency within the app design. One should avoid using strident or vibrant colors in the app. It would disturb the users and result in disengaging them. So, it is always a better option to use warm colors while UI/UX design. One must wisely choose colors that provoke certain sensations as per the psychology of colors.

Enhanced search features:
Users come to the app with different goals. Some want to buy something and some simply want to explore some information. A good app must have navigation which eases their search. If they find it difficult to get useful links, the chances are that the users will bounce back to other apps. One should provide advanced search features or in-app search engine to make the searching quicker and easier. It will also enhance the usability of the app.

Removing unnecessary functionalities while UI/UX development:
Most of the users come to the app searching only for some particular links and functionalities. So, there is no point in loading the app with more links. It affects the user experience badly. One should study the important links on the app and the ones which are most preferred by users and eliminate unnecessary links.

Error notification while navigating:
When the users are using the app and something goes wrong, then they should get a clear notification of the error or the next action they need to take. They should be able to clearly identify the issue and it shouldn’t waste their time at all. They should not get stuck while navigating through the app or else they will get irritated and prefer other apps.

UI/UX development isn’t that easy. It requires an in-depth thought process to create an ideal user experience and also meet the business goals at the same time. The implementation of the best practices mentioned here can help the developers to create the required user experience. It will be user-centric, more engaging and profitable for the end-users.

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