London-Based AI Apax Digital Fund Invests in ButcherTech


The AI revolution is happening and it’s moving fast. This was recently proven again when London-based Apax Digital Fund announced its partnership with ButcherTech, an AI tech solutions provider. 

ButcherTech offers an innovative solution that applies robotics and AI solutions to production, assembly, testing and logistics processes in manufacturing. This helps ease the burden of labor-intensive tasks, boosting business efficiency and enabling the adoption of agile production.

Apax Digital Fund made the investment in London after extensive due diligence and believes that ButcherTech is a great opportunity to invest in an innovative AI solution for the manufacturing sector. This is the Fund’s first investment in AI and continues the Fund’s latest strategy to invest in leading technology solutions and startups.

The funds from the investment will help ButcherTech accelerate its growth and expand its AI solutions across other industries. On the flip side, Apax Digital Fund will benefit from Butchertech’s groundbreaking technology and its experienced leadership team.

Apax Digital Fund has shown its willingness to invest in AI solutions, a trend that is sure to keep on growing in the near future. As developing economies and industrialised nations invest more and more in applying AI to solve their manufacturing problems, ButcherTech may be just the start  of a long line of investments for the Apax Digital Fund.

Apax Digital Fund Invests in ButcherTech: London-Based AI at Heart of Deal 

Apax Digital Fund, a venture capital fund specialising in investments in global technology companies, has announced its acquisition of ButcherTech, a London-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup. The fund’s investment marks an important milestone for the AI startup which has developed an innovative platform for intelligent automation.

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The aim of Apax Digital Fund is to support startups that have the potential to revolutionise the future of digital technology and create value for the world. With its investment in ButcherTech, the fund demonstrated its commitment to the AI startup whose technology promises to revolutionise the way businesses manage their operations and make decisions.

The ButcherTech platform uses AI and machine learning to automate processes and make decisions based on data. It helps businesses collect, store and analyse large amounts of data in order to make decisions quickly and accurately. The platform can help businesses make more informed decisions, improve operational efficiencies and save costs.

The Apax Digital Fund will use its resources to support ButcherTech in developing its platform and making it accessible to more businesses. By investing in ButcherTech, the fund will help the startup to continue working on its mission which is “to accelerate the Digital Transformation by enabling decisions to be taken more quickly, accurately and holistically

 London-based AI Apax Digital Fund Invests in ButcherTech: TechCrunch

Tech giant Apax Digital has made its first investment in artificial intelligence startup ButcherTech. The London-based AI Apax Digital Fund led the $2 million seed round, which was joined by other investors including BGF Ventures, Kamet Ventures, and Concentric Venture Partners. 

ButcherTech is an AI platform for online and offline retailers, providing them with advanced analytics and automation. The platform offers data-driven solutions for inventory management, pricing optimization, forecasting, and personalization. Through the use of the platform, retailers are able to gain data-driven insights into their customers and operations, enabling them to make better decisions and optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

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The ButcherTech platform leverages public and proprietary data sources to quickly identify trends in customer behavior, allowing retailers to make informed decisions on how to best serve their customers. Additionally, the platform is able to automate many of the processes associated with managing inventory and revenue, saving retailers time and money.

The funding will allow ButcherTech to further develop and expand its technology, as well as hire more staff. It also seeks to broaden its customer base within North America and Europe, and improve its analytics and automation capabilities. With the new funding, ButcherTech plans to focus on building out its data


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