How to Use Script and Reports to Increase Performance in Call Center?


The call center solution comes with many features and intelligent call center software comes with even more features. If one uses its features strategically, then he/she can increase the performance, productivity, and revenues in the call center.

Call center solutions are used by many industry verticals. Of course, it is majorly used in the call center, BPO, and KPO industries, but it is not limited to these industries. There are many other industry verticals such as banking and finance, automobile, collection companies, insurance agencies, mortgage services, and many more that use this solution to take care of lead generation and customer care campaigns. The call center solution comes with multiple features and intelligent call center software comes with even more features. Each simple looking feature can create a miracle of uplifting revenues if used correctly.
Today, we will talk about two features that are available in simple to intelligent call center software:

  1. Call script and
  2. Reports

These two features can be used to leverage the benefits of increased performance, productivity, and revenues. How? Let’s see.

The intelligent call center software allows creating campaigns and each campaign can have certain settings. The call script is one of the settings available in the campaign. Each campaign has a different call script. People who don’t know what a call script is, here is an explanation: A call script is a predefined written script that pops up when a call is connected in the agent panel. The agents usually read this script to take a conversation ahead. This feature is considered as a simple feature of the call center solution and not used strategically.

To take a complete benefit of the call script feature, the call center software users can follow this strategy:

  • For a single campaign, create two different scripts.
  • Replicate the campaign and in both of these campaigns use two different scripts.
  • The supervisors must make a complete use of features like barge-in, call recording, etc. to assure the call quality and professionalism of the agents.
  • The reports will reflect the performance of both of these campaigns.
  • The supervisors need to measure key performance indicators such as abandoned rate, first call resolution ratio, call engagement ratio, call talk time, average call duration, etc.

These KPIs will help in identifying which script is performing better than the other one. Once this is identified, the same script can be used with the running campaign which has that script. Yes, this is A/B testing for the call scripts to measure which works better than the other one.

The thing to be kept in mind here is that do not keep both of the scripts too identical as in that case it will be difficult to create major difference or get reliable results. Use completely opposite scripts in two campaigns to see which works better. In fact, after a few days or hours, the scripts can be tweaked to improve performance further.

This is just one example to use the call script and reports. There are multiple ways to use these two and other features available in the intelligent call center software. These two features are also available in the standard call center solutions and the given strategy can be used there as well. The added advantage of intelligent call center software is that it gives more metrics in reports and multiple settings in the call script.

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