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How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go: A Comprehensive Guide



Pokemon Go, the popular augmented reality mobile game, offers players a thrilling adventure of capturing and battling Pokemon in the real world. One of the game’s exciting features is Mega Evolution, which empowers Pokemon to reach their Mega forms, unlocking incredible strength and abilities. To achieve Mega Evolution, trainers must gather Mega Energy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

  1. Participate in Mega Raids

Mega Raids are the primary source of Mega Energy in Pokemon Go. You can join forces with other trainers to battle powerful Mega-Evolved Pokemon and earn Mega Energy as a reward for victory.

  1. Complete Special Research Tasks

Keep an eye out for special research tasks related to Mega Evolution. By completing these tasks, you can earn valuable Mega Energy for specific Pokemon species.

  1. Participate in Mega Evolution Events

During special events and Community Days, Niantic often hosts Mega Evolution-themed events. Engaging in these events can reward you with Mega Energy, along with other bonuses.

  1. Spin Mega Gyms

Spinning PokeStops and Gyms that have an active Mega Raid or Mega Pokemon can grant you Mega Energy as part of your daily free raid pass.

  1. Reach Mega Milestones

Niantic occasionally introduces Mega Milestones, where trainers worldwide work together to achieve a cumulative goal. Reaching these milestones unlocks Mega Energy rewards for all participants.

  1. Battle with Friends

Battling with friends in raids or gym battles can reward you with additional Mega Energy. So team up and conquer powerful foes together!

  1. Participate in GO Battle League

Participating in the GO Battle League can also provide Mega Energy as a reward. Climbing up the ranks and winning battles increases your chances of earning Mega Energy.

  1. Mega Evolve Your Buddy Pokemon

Walking with your Buddy Pokemon and earning hearts can lead to Mega Energy rewards. Be sure to prioritize your Buddy Pokemon to receive more energy.

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  1. Purchase Mega Energy in the Shop

In some instances, Mega Energy can be bought from the in-game Shop using PokeCoins. This option might be useful if you need a quick boost.

  1. Complete Field Research Tasks

Check the Field Research tasks regularly, as some may offer Mega Energy rewards upon completion.

  1. Hatch Mega-Energized Pokemon

Certain Pokemon hatched from Eggs have a chance of rewarding Mega Energy. Hatch Eggs and collect energy for your Mega Evolution endeavors.

  1. Participate in Mega Energy Events

Keep an eye on announcements for special Mega Energy events. These events might provide bonus energy for specific Mega Evolutions.

  1. Transfer Duplicate Mega-Evolved Pokemon

If you have duplicate Mega-Evolved Pokemon, consider transferring them. Niantic sometimes rewards trainers with Mega Energy for transferring Mega-Evolved duplicates.

  1. Utilize Mega Incense

Using Mega Incense during specific events or times might attract Pokemon that can grant Mega Energy when caught.

  1. Participate in Research Breakthroughs

Achieving a Research Breakthrough by completing seven days of field research can reward you with Mega Energy.

  1. Utilize Remote Raid Passes

Participate in Mega Raids from the comfort of your home using Remote Raid Passes. This allows you to acquire Mega Energy without being physically present at the raid location.

  1. Participate in Mega Houndoom Special Research

Mega Houndoom Special Research quests can offer Mega Energy for Houndoom’s Mega Evolution.

  1. Defeat Team Go Rocket Leaders

Defeating Team Go Rocket Leaders in Rocket Leader Battles can grant you Mega Energy, among other rewards.

  1. Keep an Eye on Niantic’s Social Media

Niantic occasionally conducts surprise events on their social media channels, where trainers can win Mega Energy.

  1. Attend Live Pokemon Go Events

Participating in live Pokemon Go events, such as Pokemon Go Fest or Safari Zones, may offer opportunities to earn Mega Energy.

  1. Mega Energy from Mega Research

Completing Mega Research tasks, especially during special events, can grant you Mega Energy.

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  1. Utilize Buddy Up Bonuses

Buddy Up Bonuses during specific events can provide Mega Energy, so be sure to buddy up with your Pokemon.

  1. Mega Raid Hour

During Mega Raid Hour events, Mega Raids become more frequent, increasing your chances of acquiring Mega Energy.

  1. Mega Energy for Pokedex Entries

Registering a Mega-Evolved Pokemon into your Pokedex for the first time can sometimes reward you with Mega Energy.

  1. Participate in Global Challenges

Global Challenges, initiated by Niantic, can yield Mega Energy rewards for all players once the challenges are collectively completed.


How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go – FAQs

Q: Can I earn Mega Energy from regular Raids?

A: No, Mega Energy can only be obtained from Mega Raids.

Q: Are there different types of Mega Energy?

A: Yes, each Pokemon species has its own unique Mega Energy required for Mega Evolution.

Q: How much Mega Energy is needed for Mega Evolution?

A: The amount of Mega Energy required varies for each Pokemon species.

Q: Can I transfer Mega Energy to other players?

A: No, Mega Energy is not tradable and can only be used by the trainer who earned it.

Q: Do Mega Evolved Pokemon stay in their Mega forms permanently?

A: Mega Evolution lasts for a limited time during battles, raids, and gym battles.

Q: How do I check the Mega Energy I have for a specific Pokemon?

A: Tap on the Pokemon in your inventory and check the Mega Energy bar to see how much you have.


Now that you have a comprehensive guide on how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, you can start your journey towards unlocking the full potential of your Pokemon. Remember to participate in Mega Raids, complete special tasks, and utilize various in-game opportunities to gather Mega Energy efficiently. With this knowledge, you’ll become a seasoned trainer, ready to embrace the power of Mega Evolution in your Pokemon battles!

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