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Driving in Style with Hyundai and Apple: The Appleroy Partnership


The AppleRoy Partnership between Hyundai and Apple is a revolutionary step in the car-tech industry. This partnership, announced in February 2021, marks the first cross-branding of a car and tech giants, giving drivers access to all the latest technology and style, from Apple and Hyundai.

This partnership combines the stylish, modern charm of Hyundai vehicles with the cutting edge technology and convenience of Apple products. Through this collaboration, Apple and Hyundai are launching a customized mobile app called AppleRoy, which will be exclusive to select Hyundai models. The app has many features such as remote start, car sharing services, and even real-time vehicle tracking. 

The AppleRoy app also speaks to the modern driver’s need for convenience and connectivity. By using the app, you can do things such as access your vehicle’s diagnostics, lock/unlock your doors, and even adjust the temperature inside the car. This allows you to control the features of your car without ever having to leave your house. Additionally, the app is designed to be both compatible with Android and iOS systems. 

The partnership between Hyundai and Apple allows drivers to enjoy a whole new level of convenience, style and sophistication. This collaboration also makes driving more efficient and safe,  giving drivers the ability to customize their car’s settings, track their vehicle’s location, and even share their car with others. With the AppleRoy app, drivers are able to truly drive in style, with all the modern technology and luxury that Apple and Hyundai have to offer.

Experience the Innovation of Hyundai and Apple with Appleroy

Apple and Hyundai have joined forces to create the ultimate driving experience. The Appleroy is the newest product resulting from their collaboration, and it promises to revolutionize the automotive industry. With Appleroy, you no longer need to settle for outdated models and inconvenient buying experiences. Instead, you can customize your ride to perfectly fit your needs and preferences.

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The Appleroy is powered by the latest in Apple and Hyundai technologies, combining the best of both brands in one remarkable vehicle. From the sleek exterior design to the intuitive infotainment system, Appleroy is designed to make life on the road easier, safer, and more enjoyable. The car features a host of advanced features such as automatic parking, lane-keep assist, and an advanced heads-up display that keep your eyes on the road instead of the dashboard. Plus, every Appleroy comes equipped with support for streaming services like Apple Music and SiriusXM, giving you endless entertainment options to enjoy during your drive.

For those who strive for the best performance and convenience, the Appleroy is the ultimate driving machine. It packs a powerful electric motor, efficient software, and advanced aerodynamics into a stylish and comfortable frame. Plus, Apple and Hyundai have developed a unique model of Appler  that allows for over-the-air updates, giving you easy access to the latest performance and safety features.

If you’re looking for an exceptional driving experience, look no further than the Appleroy. This revolutionary car offers an unbeatable combination of performance, comfort, and convenience, with the added bonus of Apple and Hyundai’s innovative technology. Whether you’re commuting to work, taking a summer road trip, or just taking a leisurely Sunday drive, the Appleroy is the perfect combination of style and cutting-edge features. So what are you waiting for? Come experience the innovation of Apple and Hyundai with Appleroy.

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Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Hyundai and Apple: Appleroy

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a technological revolution, and Hyundai and Apple are at the forefront of it. The two companies have come together in an effort to revolutionize the automotive industry with their new joint venture, Appleroy.

Appleroy is a collaboration between Hyundai and Apple that aims to create a new platform for cars. Through Appleroy, the two companies are creating a new level of digitization in automobiles. This venture will enable users to control their vehicles using their smartphones and access a range of custom content and services.

Appleroy will enable users to connect their vehicles to the cloud, allowing them to control the interior temperature, customize the music playback and lighting, and remotely lock and unlock doors. It will also provide a more seamless navigation experience, allowing users to receive recommendations on routes and avoid traffic delays.

In addition, Appleroy will offer users a more personalized driving experience by allowing them to customize their cars to their tastes. This includes allowing them to change the color of the dashboard, add virtual decals and access custom features.

Appleroy has the potential to completely transform the automotive industry and the way consumers interact with their vehicles. It will create a new level of convenience and personalization for users and give  automakers the opportunity to access large amounts of data to help them better understand their customer base and develop more innovative products.

Appleroy is an exciting venture that could revolutionize the automotive industry. Hyundai and Apple have the resources and expertise to create a truly game-changing product and usher in a new era for the automotive industry.


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