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Amazon’s Astro Robot Is as Adorable as It Is Terrifying


Amazon’s Astro Robot Is as Adorable as It Is Terrifying

Amazon had a busy today at its big hardware event. The company announced a new $60 smart thermostat and a new Echo Show 15. But it rounded out its event with a new robot called Astro, and it’s cute and scary at the same time.

Amazon’s New Astro Robot

Amazon definitely saved the most interesting thing for last, as the Astro robot stole the show. It comes with an array of sensors and cameras that help it navigate around your home while performing all sorts of interesting tasks. Amazon cites examples of using it to help a loved one who needs assistance or monitoring, checking if you left the stove on, and all kinds of other stuff.

When you’re not home, Astro can move around your home on its own, check on specific areas, show you a live view of rooms, or send alerts if it detects someone who shouldn’t be there. Essentially, it’s like having a more advanced Echo Show that can move around your home.

When you’re actually home, it’ll provide you all of the Alexa features you’re accustomed to. It can control your smart home, entertain you, and all that sort of stuff. It can even snap a photo of you and your loved ones on command, making it so everyone can be in the shot.

Astro can do a lot of the data processing on the device, which is good for anyone worried about privacy. There are clear indicators when anything is streaming, so you’ll always know what’s happening with your Astro device.

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In a press release, Amazon said, “Working on Astro has been a thrilling and educational experience, and we see this as the start of a long journey. Just like Alexa, Astro is going to get smarter, and do even more over time, and we cannot wait to hear what you think.”

Amazon Astro Price and Availability

The company announced that Astro will retail for $1,449.99, but as part of its Day 1 Editions program, Amazon is offering it for $999.99. It’s clearly not a device that’s meant for casual smart home users, but for anyone interested in being on the ground floor of home robotics, the price seems reasonable enough.

Amazon says Astro will be available in limited quantities, and it plans to start granting invitations and shipping devices in the US later this year.

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Amazon’s Astro Robot Is as Adorable as It Is Terrifying

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