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12 Must-Have Technologies for Students and Teachers


Technology is much-needed innovation, especially in the current situation when COVID-19 has changed the whole outlook of the education system. Educators need technology to meet the social, behavioral and academic needs of the students. Gone are those days when you had to do long walks to visit a library. Now you can read any books anytime using some tools.  There are probably no academic-related problems that cannot be solved with education tools.  

From researching to verifying the credibility of the content, academic tools will save your time and efforts. The e-learning forecast will surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022.   The online education system has emerged to be a viable and safe option for education continuity. According to the research, students tend to retain 25-60% more material from online learning as compared to 8-10% in a classroom. As compared to the traditional classroom setting, students are able to learn faster online. When compared to the traditional learning setting, e-learning takes 40-50% less time to learn. 

From mobile devices and online courses to virtual learning systems, students have many options for online learning. But as per your academic needs, you must choose the right technology. 

Here is a quick glimpse of the top 10 academic tools popular for providing students’ best academic experience.

1. Blackboard


Blackboard took the initiative to ensure students around the globe have access to quality education.  This web-based course management system allows students and faculties to participate in online classes, using and sharing study materials and activities. Headquartered in Washington, DC, they involve Blackboard Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, and Blackboard Learn. Avail advanced learning with their innovative technologies, practices, and services. This is an ideal platform for students to concentrate on learning while the faculty concentrates on teaching.

2. Dreambox


Finesse your mathematical skill by opting for the Dreambox academic tool. It will strengthen your social-emotional skills. This is a perfect platform to boost your confidence or develop a positive mindset.

Students will be able to get detailed math instructions, and at the same time, educators will have access to powerful insights and data. The teachers will be able to track progress and identify gaps in proficiency. They provide a personalized learning experience with interactive and rigorous lessons.

3. Byju’s


At present, Byju’s is the most valued education tech company which is standing at $5.4. They use visualization for conceptual clarity among students. You will find several digital 12-20 animated videos where academic subjects and concepts are explained. Students can easily get personalized learning programs as per their specific academic needs and purposes. You will find educational content, study materials for students from classes 4 to 12. This is an Indian educational technology, and it was valued at $12 billion in November 2020. It allows Indian examinations like CAT, IAS, IIT-JEE, NEET, and International examinations like GMAT and GRE.

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Let’s put an end to staying late at night by going through all documents, images, PDF files, websites, journals, etc. If you are looking for a tool with all facets of modern-day research, this is the right tool for you. will collaborate, share, track and manage all knowledge of research in one place. You can add and share any PDFs, articles, white papers, audio samples, e-books, videos with your peers. It also acts as a content library where you can all your files for quick access. It has a smart search system allowing you to search any documents, files, images, etc. They come in both free and paid versions. 

5. Coursera


Coursera stands out when it comes to offering courses on multiple subject areas. Students have the scope to learn from the best institutions from the comfort of their homes COVID-19 might be the reason for the shutdown of institutions, but that does not mean students will put a halt in their careers.

Students can also get access to video lectures and community forums. They are quite high in demand for fields like AI, IT, and cloud engineering. Improve your skills with Coursera and get a guaranteed raise, promotion, or starting of a new career. You will find video lectures from top instructors in your area of the subject. Earn a certificate on your course which will help you demonstrating your skill when you apply for jobs.

6. ClassDojo


ClassDojo intended to build a platform that gives a classroom-like experience to students. It encourages teachers, parents, and students to build amazing communities. Students will be able to showcase their learning by adding their preferable images and videos to their portfolios. The tool translates any messages into 30+ languages. Teachers can give instant feedback so that students have a more receptive attitude towards the learning process. When you have such support from teachers, you will not require having essay typer or paraphrasing tools. The information later can be shared with their parents to keep them in the loop about student’s behavior.

7. Kahoot!


Kahoot is an engaging and interactive educational platform. The education platform is based on questions and games, which makes it fun and educational for students at the same time. The tool enables the students to create interesting discussions, surveys, questionnaires which complement academic lessons. This fun-filled educational environment encourages students to make better preparation and improve their skills.

8. Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay teachers

Teachers pay teachers is a perfect place for teachers to find relevant resources and inspiration they need to teach the students. Even teachers need support at times during this tough situation. They are even awarded as the No.1 spot for being the most innovative education sector. This website is an enormous staff room for teachers to find necessary collaboration and resources. Teachers can sell and buy lesson plans, worksheets, and additional materials from their peers. 

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9. Chegg


Chegg is a one-stop destination for availing a wide range of study materials and flashcards. The software also provides subject-related flashcards to make the study process easier for you. You can get free access to the flashcards. In addition to that, you can also rent, buy or sell books. Our study materials include question& answers, textbook solutions, practice questions with detailed answers, and you can learn any subject. The software also has math solving features where you can get instant answers by taking a snap of the problem and sending it to them. Find the right internship from over 75k internships which will give a kick start to your career.

10. Pixton


Pixton is highly recommended to boost the imaginative power of students. This activity can turn out to be both fun and educational. It will improve student’s visual thinking and creating by letting them draw their story instead of writing. It allows students to create interactive and creative comics and storyboards. This tool is applicable to students of all ages.

11. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker

When it comes down to accurate citations and formatting, Dupli Checker is position the rank. It is like a complete package that serves IP tools, text analysis tools, keyword research tools, image tools, website checker tools, PDF converter tools, password manager, etc. Dupli checker will build an accurate report on the authenticity of your content. All you would have to do is copy and paste the text on the text box and choose your text’s type of file. Teachers can use it to check whether the student has plagiarized the text or not. Students can also use it to eliminate all plagiarism errors from the text.

12. Educreations


Educreations gives an interactive digital environment to explain any kind of concepts. This interactive whiteboard, and screencasting tool is unique, powerful, simple and powerful to use. Using the apps, teachers can individually analyze work of each student by replaying their work and pinpointing where they are going wrong, misconceptions, celebrate their success and suggest how they can improve themselves. The software allows the students to learn at their own pace. It also lets you create dynamic video lessons for students and colleagues to access any time they need to.

Summing up, 

Technology can be very useful if it is used properly. In the current scenario, digital tools are the only thing that keeping the students and teachers joined together. Of course, adopting the new learning method will require a few adjustments, but it has all the features to give students a classroom-like experience.

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