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Lessons learned from Yoga Temple India’s Yoga Training in Rishikesh


When I join Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, I sense happy and a little anxious. The yoga temple is located in the center of a beautiful city of Rishikesh. While I enter the room where I will be stay and take training for the next 21 days, I see a bed and bathrooms are beautifully designed with all modern elements.

The smell is charming. I guess in what way a true yoga shala looks and feels like. The arrangement makes me feel warm and comfortable. I don’t recognize what’s going to occur next days in training, but I realize I will be safe.

I pick the mat that will give me the furthermost space to feel protected and sit down. I am checking other girls sitting are looking as lost like myself.

I ask myself, why are they here? What are their stories? And what will they do here?

I feel comparable. I am the worst prepared for this yoga class out of all of them. They all look like real yoga girls wearing colorful pants and bras. They all look very fit.

I probably don’t even justify this.

New the time comes closer, and my heartbeat goes high. Then the teacher comes in and introduces himself as Girish and asks us to hold hands as we sit down in a circle. He tells us that everything changes for a reason. That he said we had chosen this place, this time and our group and with me all here to learn Yoga Teacher Training.

I know what he means. I believe in it too.

He distributes seven sticky notes and pens and asks us to write down our goals for the course and place them into the glass jar in the middle of the Yoga Shala. Then he will burn them and flow in the holy river GANGA following a Hindu tradition.

I think it’s beautiful and cool. I write down roughly very ambiguous and overall, like “I want to join deeper to myself and learn around yoga.”

Seven other girls are from seven different countries. We quickly introduce each other and explain why we are here. We are happy and feeling safe. Then the training begins.

Course Schedule

The first day is so easy. We all go through the program schedule (which is Yoga Alliance accredited), the weekly assignments, the rules of the training program and Yoga School, teacher-student boundaries, and punctuality. The teacher told me there would be a final written exam to get a certificate, but we shouldn’t worry about it too much. If we are present in all classes and listen to the teacher carefully, the exam will not be much difficult.

The teacher tells us that at many points during the training, we will be triggered by each other, his or any other external circumstances. There are also other teachers for anatomy, philosophy, mediation, and another part of the course. It will get emotional; it will get unpleasant, and we will get helpless.

I’m not afraid. Bring it on.

He explains that we will practice a noble silence in the mornings before our daily schedule at 6.30 am meditation. There will be No talking, no music, no reading. Wake up, be silent—no external distractions.

Why I Choose Rishikesh for My Yoga Teacher Training?

I do yoga every day for my health. One day I was sitting and thinking, I am doing yoga every day and what about others are they doing yoga every day. I called one of my friends and what she is doing for her health. She told me she is sleeping until 10:00 am. She doesn’t do any yoga. I think it will be a Yoga Teacher then I can teach my friends to be fit. Then I search on google Yoga Teacher Training. On my first choice was India. I read many blogs Rishikesh is called “World Capital of Yoga.” Then I search yoga schools in Rishikesh. I found Yoga Temple India one of the yoga school, which have some unique feature i.e Detox practice with yoga. Then I choose Yoga Temple India as my Yoga Learning School in India. On a random search, I also found “Yoga Teacher Training in India” one of the best 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

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