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How Helpdesk Solutions Can Help Improve Customer Experiences during Covid-19

How Helpdesk Solutions Can Help Improve Customer Experiences during Covid-19


The Covid-19 virus has spread rapidly across the globe and resulted in a global economic downturn as governments have placed stringent lockdown protocols on their citizens. This has forced both entire industries and individual organizations to rethink how they handle their customers and how they should operate during this period. This article will concentrate on the customer service angle and how a business can give quality customer experiences during this time. We’re going to be looking at how advanced helpdesk solutions can help organizations weather this Covid-19 storm.

It can take you months, even years, to get a customer and it only takes a couple of minutes to lose them. This has become even worse during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are customers few and far between these days but they have many options available to them as well. With increased competition and a smaller pool of customers, companies need to level up and up their game if they want to survive.

Helpdesk solutions are one of the ways you can do this. Let’s take a look at some of the ways they can help you improve customer experience during this time.

  1.     Allowing Customers To Self-Serve

Making customers wait for an agent to help them answer a query is a waste of their time and it often leads to dissatisfaction. Additionally, it’s tiresome to keep answering and solving the same kind of queries and issues every day for your customer service representatives too. Helpdesk solutions can easily overcome these types of challenges by allowing your customers to self-serve. For example, if a customer wants to know how much he owes you, self-service systems can help guide the client on how they can find this out themselves. They can type in their account numbers and get all the details they need.

Without such self-service options, your customer will be forced to speak to one of your customer service representatives to get help. This would mean them having to wait in a support queue until they get a free agent who can take details that they’d have been able to punch in themselves.self service feature improves customer experience


  1.     Automating Certain Business Operations

The main goal for the integration of any new tool, software, or solution is to help improve a process or certain operations. Helpdesk solutions automate customer service operations like ticket distribution, the creation of new tickets and/or configurable parameter-based assignments. The distribution of the tickets can be determined by the communication channels in place, how skillful the agent is, etc.

Additionally, good helpdesk solutions will help give rise to faster resolutions because they simplify the sorting and filtering of incoming tickets. Most customer service representatives are already overloaded as it is, especially during the Covid-19 period. With helpdesk software, at least the sorting and filtration can be something they don’t have to worry about. Once priority tickets have climbed up the ladder, your reps can start handling them based on urgency. These automation tactics will eventually help improve your rate of ticket resolution, in turn, giving rise to customer satisfaction.

Providing complete transparency in your support processes is another way you can make customers happy. Having a customer portal in place where your customers/clients can type in their login passwords and then view a list of support requests as well as access FAQs, invoices, purchase orders and reference documents eases the workload your support team has to deal with and strengthens the convictions your customers will have about the support team you have in place.

  1.     Reporting and Monitoring

You can take several steps and initiatives to improve your support processes and make your customers happier. However, unless you monitor and measure them, you really can’t know whether they were successful or not. Helpdesk analytics and reporting can help you keep up-to-date with your support operations. Your supervisors and managers can keep on top of your agents’ performances, identify gaps and measure SLA achievements. For example, a manager can get campaign-wide views to see what kind of support requests are most common. So, if people have more questions related to sales rather than support, then you can put more resources in the area that’ll benefit you more.

Similarly, having live information will allow your managers/supervisors to have a more holistic view of all the operations taking place and give them the ability to make effective, real-time decisions that will help improve customer service. Also, it’s always a good idea to pair this real-time data with reports. Not only will reports help with both planning and forecasting but it provides you with historical data as well.

  1.     Integrating CRM Systems

Good helpdesk solutions should allow for the integration of CRM systems like Freshdesk. Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc. A quality helpdesk software should allow you to be able to continue with the CRM you’re currently using, or at the very least allow to pair with some of the most popular ones on the market. Not only does this help your agents’ productivity but it improves customer interaction processes as well.

  1.     Prioritizing New Tickets

Good helpdesk solutions will allow you to be able to prioritize incoming tickets as per the customer’s sentimental analysis. You can use the supervisory panel approach to do this. One specific agent can be assigned with the task of sorting out tickets based on heat map value. This will help improve operation in the whole support department.

Automating support ticket prioritization


Final Thoughts

In this Covid-19 time, the customers that are still walking through your doors are way more important than they were just a year ago. Every interaction now is immensely significant. If you still want to have the heart and minds of your customers, you need to provide them with positive and consistent customer experiences at all touch points. Helpdesk solutions will help you do just that. Empower both your agents and managers to serve your customers as best they can. Hopefully, this article is what you needed to get you going in the right direction.

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