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Data Wirewheel 20m Series Forgepoint


Data Wirewheel, the latest venture from Forgepoint Properties, is making waves in the tech world. The 20m Series Forgepoint, launched in May 2016, is a data resource that allows users to access, analyze and visualize large amounts of data in real-time.

The platform was created in response to the growing need for an easy-to-use data management platform to unlock the power of big data. Data Wirewheel provides simple visualization and exploration of the data, enabling users to make informed decisions, identify trends and insights, and analyze data quickly and efficiently. 

The platform is highly intuitive and can be used by data analysts and developers alike. It is built on the latest big data technologies and can support extremely high rates of data access, analysis and visualization. Furthermore, it also allows users to develop data-driven applications and insights. 

Some of the key features that make Data Wirewheel such an attractive platform are its comprehensive data analysis capabilities, ability to handle and integrate different data sources, and powerful APIs that enable developers to rapidly create data-driven applications. Additionally, it offers a wide range of visual analytics and exploration tools that help users to gain quick, meaningful insights from their data. 

The platform also  provides access to a number of different data sources, such as web-sources, social media data and Internet of Things (IoT) data. This means that data-driven applications can be built on top of both historical and current data. Furthermore, the platform uses a wide range of data processing technologies and techniques to ensure that the data is processed in the most efficient manner. 

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Data Wirewheel is an innovative platform that provides powerful data access, exploration and insight. It is a great tool for businesses, developers and data analysts alike. The 20m Series Forgepoint is a powerful resource that is helping businesses to make sense of their data in real-time.

 Forgepoint Technical Investing 20 Million in Data Wirewheel Series

Today marks an exciting development in the world of data security, as Forgepoint Technical Investing has announced a $20 million Series A investment in the premier data security platform Data Wirewheel.

The investment, led by Forgepoint, is joined by Accel, Kholsa Ventures, and Insight Partners in a commitment to support Data Wirewheel in their continued growth. Data Wirewheel allows businesses of all sizes to quickly and easily gain visibility into their data infrastructure and identify threats, compliance issues, and potential areas of improvement.

This investment is an important milestone in Data Wirewheel’s mission to become the leading platform for data protection and privacy. With the additional resources and support of Forgepoint Technical Investing, Data Wirewheel will be able to expand their product offering and reach more customers.

Data Wirewheel’s CEO, Rakesh Tikoo, expressed his pleasure in receiving the support of Forgepoint Technical Investing and encouraged their dedication to data security. “We have always believed in safeguarding data and ensuring our customers’ data is secure and compliant,” he said. “The strategic funds from Forgepoint Technical Investing will further accelerate our progress in this mission.”

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This news cements Data Wirewheel’s role  as a leader in the data security space and emphasizes Forgepoint Technical Investing’s commitment to investing in powerful, scalable solutions. The partnership has set the stage for continued innovation and growth in the data security industry.

Forgepoint Technical Leads 20 Million Series Funding in Data Wirewheel

Forgepoint has recently announced a $20 million Series A funding round, led by Sutter Hill Ventures and Data Collective, with participation from In-Q-Tel, and current investor Formation 8. This investment is aimed at helping Forgepoint to expand upon its comprehensive data-driven security solutions. 

Data Wirewheel, the first product from Forgepoint, is a cloud-based data protection and security platform that provides continuous visibility and monitoring of data. It scans organizations’ on-premise, cloud and mobile data to detect regulatory and corporate mandate violations, as well as unauthorized access. As a result, Data Wirewheel increases organizations’ security posture and reduces their risk of data breach-related losses. 

Forgepoint’s CEO and founder, Kevin King, commented on the funding: “We are pleased to be partnering with some of the most sophisticated institutional investors in the industry who understand the technical nuances of our platform and the importance of security data analytics. With this funding, we will be able to accelerate our product roadmap and hire additional world-class technical talent to further differentiate our offering.” 

Data Wirewheel has already been used in large-scale enterprises across a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance and government.


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